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99 types of the World Finest Honey Under One Roof for sale in New York City, NY buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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We have over one hundred types of honey, monthly freshly imported Honey from all over the world.

The honey we supply is first grade ( 0% sucrose ) , we have also special kinds to cure diseases such as hepatitis, Cancer , Flu , Diabetes and many others.

We also have aging honey over 10 years old especially for great sexual performances

We sell in wholesale and retail with competitive prices

Some of our honey types

Alfalfa honey , Wildflower honey , Buckwheat honey , Acacia honey , Clover honey , Sidr Honey , Citrus Honey, White Honey , Manuka Honey , Black Seed Honey , Royal Jelly Honey , Sall Honey , Black Forest Honey , Bitter Honey , African Honey ,  and many more


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