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SULFATING & CAROGEN it's the cancer of the battery plates.

It can  <a href="">please Visit link here</a>

Be cured by adding battery B.P.T. sulfating treatment. By adding   

   B.P.T. it will stop sulfating cancer from growing. New battery Doubles the batteries lifespan.

For working batteries, old [Very weak] suffering only from sulfating, B.P.T.

will restore Up to 70 % of the battery new lifespan. Car batteries can be expensive

To replace it. Depending on the make, model, and battery quality, Expect to pay

from $100 to $300 for a new one plus the additional Cost to install it. However,

many people are surprised to findOut that there is an inexpensive alternative.

Rather than buying A new battery, it is relatively easy to add B.P.T. as a treatment

For the battery for only $ works on all lead acid Batteries

Sizes from smallest battery size to largest forklift battery.

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Provides safe starting engine in wide range of temperatures.

Hot Weather:   F + 120                       C + 50 

Cold Weather:  F - 120                       C – 50       

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